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Professional Provider Doctor Referrals for Psychiatric Care

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Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital recognizes that patients receive mental health treatment based on a continuum of care throughout various levels of treatment.  We strive to work in conjunction with providers in the community to provide higher levels of care when necessary.  

We recognize that many of our referrals come from mental health or medical professionals who have been working with an individual for weeks, months, or years.  Communication is key as a patient makes the transition from one level of care to the other.  When a referring professional wants to recommend someone for a Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital level of care assessment, it is important to have the following information ready to share with the Intake and Referral Clinician when calling 832-834-7710:  

  • Patient’s name and basic demographic information
  • Current clinical symptoms/reason for referral
  • Medication information (if known)
  • Insurance information for verification purposes

We will strive to have patients sign appropriate consents so that we can answer questions or address concerns with outpatient professional providers.  Our philosophy of clinical communication includes notification of patient arrival and disposition during the intake process, contact by clinical case management staff shortly after admission to a program and as needed throughout the patient stay, and coordination of discharge planning information at the end of the patient stay.  

Also, for your convenience, please feel free to utilize our dedicated fax line 832-834-7800 when faxing patient information. Please call to verify your fax was received at 832-834-7710.

Medical Exclusionary Criteria

Each admission is handled on a case-by-case basis, and we ask that you contact our 24-hour Intake & Referral Department should you have any questions regarding possible medical exclusions for admission.