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Patient Advocate Program

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The Patient Advocacy Program is a CMS requirement that hospitals must establish a clearly explained procedure for the submission of a patient’s written or verbal grievance to the hospital. The grievance process must specify time frames for review of the grievance and the provision of a response. In its resolution of the grievance, the hospital must provide patients and/or families with written notice of its decision that contains the name of the hospital contact person, the steps taken on behalf of the patient, the results of the grievance process and completion.

The Patient Advocacy Program provides resources and assist with compliance of patient rights and privileges according to the CMS requirements. The program also provides:

  • An avenue for patients and families to voice their feedback. 

  • Assist with navigating patients and families concerns to appropriate members of the treatment team and department. 

  • Help resolve complaints and grievances with a timely resolution.

We appreciate patient and family feedback to know how we, as a facility, can continue to improve our programs and enhance our services.

Compliments: We love to hear about our staff doing a great job. Your compliments and feedback are important to us. Your feedback is used to recognize our employees who do a great job and go the extra distance to make your experience at Houston Behavioral a positive one.

Concerns: We also take concerns very seriously and your experience here at Houston Behavioral is very important to us. Your feedback helps assist us to improve your patient care. Our mission is to look at each concern and see how we can improve or change your services to provide the best patient experience you can have during your stay in our facility.

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Phone Number: 832-834-7710 ext. 7785

Fax Number: 832-834-7802

Patient feedback and concerns are very important to us, so we appreciate you taking the time to share yours. Your feedback is critical to the facility as we continue to improve our programs, services, and patient experience.

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